Top 5 Reasons to Get in Touch with our Travel Agents

1. Resources

As trained professionals, travel agents are experienced in finding the best deals for your journey. They also often have insider ears to a wide range of resources, allowing them to make a fair judgment on the best prices and services available. This will save you time and the trouble of doing the research yourself.

2. Personal Touch

For all purposes, a travel agent is a “Girl Friday”—one who knows the ins and outs of a trip. They know details concerning your destination, local festivals, B&Bs, Saturday markets, cafes in the area, and so much more. Oftentimes hotel and destination recommendations are backed by firsthand experience. And if they haven’t been there themselves, they will discover someone within their network who has. Furthermore, since they work with you one-on-one, they are familiar with your specific tastes and needs and can tailor the ideal travel experience accordingly.

3. Unforeseen Complications

A professional travel agency with have a 24/7 answering service available to you in case anything goes wrong. Expect full assistance from an agent who will see that your needs are addressed immediately. While you are traveling they will also be monitoring your schedule for changes by the airlines, cancellations due to natural disasters and making alternative plans often before you are aware of the changing situation. They have your back 24/7 and this service is covered by the travel maintenance fee an agency will charge at the outset.

4. Up-To-Date Info

Information, fares and availability change constantly. It is the travel agent’s job to stay current with airlines and other service providers, and their fluctuating policies and prices. It is also their responsibility prior to departure to advise you of any changes to your schedule, as well as help you find a travel insurance policy that will give you peace of mine. They are hooked up to industry-specific newsletters and social media outlets, and can get breaking news on travel and keep you informed. Furthermore, they are constantly being trained in house and at morning or evening seminars offered by various vendors.

5. Unbiased Opinions

Websites will naturally advocate for their own business or sponsors, serving as billboards designed to catch your eye and slip in hidden fees. Booking engines might even exclude popular or cheaper airlines or hotels to suit their own business needs. Because agents work for clients, not suppliers, they can provide unbiased opinions on the best services available.


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