Taking a Cooking Class Abroad

There are many reasons people travel—and one of the main draws to any far-flung destination are its unique flavors and recipes. Dishes that can that challenge our senses and introduce us to new tastes. For travelers who are interested in not just seeing a place, but also tasting its culinary creations, Willamette encourages trying a cooking class or going on a gastronomic adventure. Have a chat with us and we can figure out the class or culinary treat that might be right for you during your trip.

photo by Linda Fisher

 Why take a cooking class abroad?

A cooking class introduces travelers to a unique way of travel—through the tastebuds. A culinary environment, whether in a professional Bangkok kitchen or at a summer home in Ephesus, is a great venue to immerse yourself into a culture. Travelers can learn about local ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques in an informal, mellow atmosphere. You have the opportunity to ask questions only a trained local could answer, and participate in not only enjoying but creating authentic and delicious dishes. And you can bring home a souvenir that your friends will be sure to enjoy—a recipe!

photo by Linda Fisher

 Here are some of the experiences we can offer:

 –         Taste the best of dry and floral Argentinian wines in the vineyards of Mendoza

–         Visit the top chocolatiers on the East Side of Manhattan

–         Enjoy the melting pot of Santa Fe cuisine—influenced by Native America, Spanish, Mexican and European traditions

–         Attend a master Greek chef’s class to learn the secrets behind succulent souvlaki, refreshing tzatziki, spit-roasted meats, and fish cooked with cheese

–         Stroll the Jean Talon Market in Montreal, the largest outdoor public farmer’s market in Canada—before taking afternoon tea at the Queen Elizabeth

–         Prepare authentic Jamaican specialties such as jerk, sorrel drink, oxtail soup, saltfish, gingerbeer, and potato pudding—and follow up with a visit to a Rum distillery and a local coffee farm for samples

Email Willamette for more details at info@wittravel.com, or call 503.224.0180 to book your culinary adventure!

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