How to Endure Long-Distance Flights

What do Delhi, Moscow, and Fiji all have in common? Yes, they are some of our favorite destinations, with spectacular architecture, food, culture—but they also can be a far airplane ride away! Sometimes a trip will have nonstop flights of ten or thirteen hours. The destination is for sure to be worth it, but in the meantime how do we at Wittravel endure these long-distance flights? Here are some tips from the office:

1)     Stay comfortable. You’re cramped in a vessel with limited space for hours, and it’s important to stay comfortable! Wear loose and comfy clothes, avoid belts and jeans that will cut off circulation.

2)     Stay healthy. Bring a small bottle of water, and make sure you stay hydrated! Keep a granola bar in case your blood sugar runs low. Do not drink alcohol, coffee, or sodas the night before—these will dehydrate you.

3)     Bring gear that will enhance your comfort—earplugs, ipod, a cushiony neck rest, or a blanket. Oftentimes flights will offer you headphones, blankets and pillows—but these can be rough and of poor quality.

4)     Exercise. Staying cooped up can lead to poor circulation. Walk around the cabin every so often, or stretch your legs and back in your seat. For those at risk of deep vein thrombosis, try wearing compression socks that push the blood from collecting at your feet.

5)     Pack well. Don’t forget your tissues, food bars, hairbrush, toothbrush, lip balm, and medication—or anything else that will help ease the flight.

6)    Escape. Read a book, watch a movie, take a nap—anything to wear away the hours.

7)    Upgrade. Check if you are eligible for a seat upgrade—it might make a big difference to have extra legroom, fully reclining seats, and edible meals.

8)    Refresh yourself. After you disembark the aircraft, head immediately to the nearest restroom—usually accessible before customs—and refresh yourself. Splash water on your face, change clothes, or brush your teeth. You’ll be surprised how feeling a little cleaner and fresher will prepare you for the upcoming queues.

The Wittravel Store is equipped with a variety of items designed to make your trip as comfortable as possible: travel organizers, locks, power converters, soapdishes and more. Get 15% off any item if you purchase at our office. Please call us at 503.224.0180 or email for more details.


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