Excursions Abroad

This week we are doing a double feature on excursions abroad, tying in one of our favorite art and nature tours with our friends over at Walking Softly. Tune in next week to see part two!

The modern traveler is often not satisfied with a mere sightseeing and museum tour. They want to interact with the people and to explore every inch of the landscape. They want an authentic experience that even the locals might enjoy. Whether you’re on a tour, traveling à la carte, or on a cruise, Willamette International Travel can arrange day trips, shore excursions, hikes or even cycle tours to enhance your trip experience. These can be a few hours to a week in length, and cover a range of activities!

cycling through Lake Bled region, photo by Dale Harvey

Small add-ons are fully customizable based on your itinerary, your preferred activity level, as well as length, price and dates—and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Interested, but not sure on specifics? Here are some of the great options available to you:

–         Mountain hiking in the mountains of Bavaria and Tyrol. Take in stunning vistas and stay in rustic Alpine cabins.

–         Cycle Lake Constance Area, a trip that will take you through four countries—Austria, Switzerland, Lichentenstein and Austria.

–         Cycle the Peninsula of Istria in Croatia and visit cultural monuments and natural reserves

–         Explore with a guided tour the ancient world of Athens and the isles of Santorini and Naxos

–         Hike and enjoy the rare wildlife in Majella National Park

–         Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago—by car

–         Cycle the Loire Valley from Angers all the way to the Atlantic

–         Explore and hike the fishing villages and coastal footpaths along Cinque Terre

–         Take a combination bike and barge tour through Amsterdam and Bruges

–         Visit a whiskey distillery and ride a steamer boat on Loch Katrine in Scotland

–         Go on a cave tubing tour in Belize

–         Go ziplining in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

–         Attend a Puerto Rican cooking class and learn to make mojitos and mofongo

ziplining in Austria; photo by WK

And there are many more! Headed somewhere but unsure of how to get the best out of your destination? Contact your agent at Willamette International Travel by calling 1.503.224.0180. Or email us at info@wittravel.com for more information.

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