Ship Inspection Report: Celebrity Infinity

This week we are reporting on WIT agent Wailana’s trip up to Seattle mid-July to view Celebrity and Disney cruise ships. Today we take a look at her account of Celebrity’s Infinity.

courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Ship Inspection Report: By Wailana

I checked in at Pier 66 at 10am, and not long after the thunderstorm hit. It was one of Seattle’s brief “gods’ wrath and rage,” despite an impressive show of flailing winds and dramatic howls—disappeared after about half an hour. We gingerly picked our way across the pier into the crew entrance, and boarded the ship.

The Celebrity Infinity recently underwent a 40-million-dollar upgrade in style and comfort. New and improved features include the spa-inspired AquaClass accommodations, Blu restaurant, iLounge computer lab, and Qsine specialty restaurant. The AquaClass style includes spa-inspired amenities, exclusive dining options, and unlimited access to the Spa and Persian Garden.

I had the impression, as the tour winded its way through, that this ship was made for luxury. Colors were cool and blueish, spaces were open, and everywhere light played a large role. Ceilings were high, walls were often curvaceous and made of glass. Outdoor seating was ample, and in some places sheltered by a sheet of protective glass—great for those Alaskan voyages. Space felt manageable, one never felt overwhelmed or too cramped. The atmosphere was made, yes, for indulgence and comfort, but it never came across as overly pretentious or posh. (Though there were bottles of Johnny Walker Blue on the wall. J) The tour guides were very enthusiastic and well-organized, and the staff were very congenial and approachable.

Some highlights of the tour:

–          Qsine. This is a modern tapas restaurant, with hues in orange, black and white. Menus are presented on ipads—on which you can look up the dishes and email yourself the recipes. You can even create your own virtual cocktail, hit send, and in a few moments the waiters will come out with your drink!

–          The indoor solarium Thalassotherapy. High glass ceilings, with lounge seating, and lounge pools, some of which are adults only. Operatic singing and the white/blue walls made it all feel quite surreal and peaceful.

–          Blu, an exclusive restaurant with a different menu every night. Colors were subdued and classy—deep indigo and white—tables adorned in circular candleholders and haloed by circular portholes. The restaurant is available to AquaClass only.

–          Trellis is the crème-de-la-crème, a magnificent two-story dining room and the main restaurant on the ship. Warm colors contribute to a muted, calm, civilized atmosphere. Most impressive was the grand staircase adjoining the two floors.

At the end of the tour, we made our way to the luxurious Constellation Lounge for chats. Stiff-collared Dutch waiters served champagne and cosmos with strips of smoked salmon. If they wanted me to leave happy, they succeeded. J

Stay tuned next week for the Disney ship inspection. In the meantime, check out my trip photos here.

Willamette Intl Travel arranges all sorts of cruises customizable to the client! Interested in cruising with Celebrity? Call us for more info at 800.821.0401 or email Wailana at

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