Questions to Ask Before You Book an All-Inclusive Resort

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All-Inclusive resorts can be tricky to figure out. They’re designed to be the ultimate stress-free vacation, and draw millions of vacationers each year to unwind in style during Spring Break, Christmas, honeymoons. Everything is prepaid, accessible and convenient. But what exactly is included?

Usually, all-inclusive resorts include a flat fee that covers most drinks, meals, gratuities, and basic services. But the prices, details and restrictions of these resorts vary widely. Before you book the resort with us, make sure you know all the particulars.

At Willamette Intl Travel, we agents work with you, do the research and make sure we find a resort that matches your needs. Set up an appointment with one of our qualified agents to discuss the details of your all-inclusive holiday escape. Here are some of the questions we can answer on your behalf:


1. Is an All-Inclusive right for me?

All-Inclusives are a great option for vacationers who will pay an initial, one-time price then relax for the rest of their vacation. They won’t have to stress about additional prices, taxes, or fees during their stay or afterward. They are designed for travelers who want to spend most of their time on resort property and take full advantage of the facilities and luxuries.

2. What is included in an All-Inclusive Resort? And what is not?

A package typically includes rooms, drinks and meals. Each resort differs: some do not include high-end alcohol, sport activities, gratuities or airport transfers.

3. What are the different types of accommodations available?

Rooms can range from standard to suite—typically an upgrade is possible at an additional cost. Pay attention if it’s a special occasion—the resort may have special deals for on-site weddings or honeymooners.


4. Can we use the facilities of other resorts nearby?

Occasionally several hotels under one umbrella chain will be situated close together. If you are staying at a luxurious resort, you may be able to visit the lesser cost resort next door.

5. How many varieties of restaurants are available?

The more choices, the more chance you will always be delighted with your food options. Your WIT Agent knows to ask how many restaurants are actually open each day, and for how long.

6. Is spa pampering included?

Not many All-Inclusives offer spa treatments in their packages. If you want the spa experience, we can find out if a resort will have a promotion in which you can use your resort credits in their spa.

7. Are we the resort’s target demographic? Can we bring the kids?

Resorts cater to different ages and tastes. Some of them are family-oriented, others adult-only, still others can be targeted toward those in their twenties. Many resorts nowadays have special facilities that cater to children, ranging from toddlers to teens. If you prefer an adults-only experience, be sure to book a resort that’s 18 and older.

8. What’s the nightlife like?

Night entertainment is usually included, but what matters is what kind. Some resorts have movie screenings, live bands, clubbing, others have casinos, piano bars, DJs, bingo…the list goes on. Depending on your tastes, you could find yourself spending evenings viewing The Hobbit in 3D or watching roulette dice jump or dancing Salsa in the moonlight.


9. What activities are included?

Activities are often included in All-Inclusive packages—non-motorized water sports, tennis—but there may be fine print. At an extra cost, the resort can sometimes arrange additional activities—private tennis, golf, outside excursions or scuba diver certification courses.

10. Are premium liquors included?

Most resorts serve liquor, but some of these will be standard while others will offer top-shelf, premium liquors. Some serve alcohol day and night, while others include it only with dinner.

11. Can I get married there?

Planning a wedding? Destination weddings are a booming industry and Caribbean/Mexican ceremonies are surging in popularity among couples. Many All-Inclusives offer special discounts and rates for bride and groom—even going so far as organizing free to low priced ceremonies with a booked minimum stay of 5-7 nights! These packages can cover the wedding day, wedding planners, official documents, and honeymoon suites.

Call Willamette Intl Travel up to discuss which All-Inclusive Resort package may be right for you. You can reach us at 503.224.0180 or email


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