Argentina’s Reciprocity Tax

Prospective travelers to Argentina may or may not be aware of the reciprocity tax required for travel.

Argentina began to charge this tax three years ago as a response to the fee charged by the USA on Argentine citizens for entry. Previously, one could buy this on arrival at the Buenos Aires airport. Beginning September 1, 2012, there have been changes made to the amount and the procedure to pay for this tax. Cost is now $140 and must be purchased online. Citizens of Canada and Australia are also required to pay online, though the price differs. The lack of a proof of payment will result in denial of entry and consequent returning to the departure city by the airline.

Travelers in transit, meaning those who arrive and leave the same calendar day, do not have to pay the tax. This includes cruise passengers who arrive for the day—tax only must be paid if there is an overnight stay involved.

If travelers have paid the tax before, it is valid for 10 years as long as they still have proof of payment.

The new online system will work parallel to the regular on-site collection service at Ezeiza Airport until December 28, 2012 and at Jorge Newbery Airport until October 31st, 2012. After these dates, the only collection method will be online.

How to Pay Argentina’s Reciprocity Tax

1) Register on the website:

2) Complete the form with your credit card information. This is sent to the DNM (Immigration Office)

3) Print the payment receipt

4) Upon arrival in Argentine territory, show the printed ticket

5) The ticket is scanned and validated to enter the country

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