Three Romantic Roads in Germany

Willamette Intl Travel offices are located in Portland, Oregon and in 2011 we were delighted to hear that Grimm, a fantasy detective television drama, started filming here in our own backyard! The TV show has generated some great interest with the real Grimm fairy tales and the Brothers Grimm of Germany. In the 19th century, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm wandered around Bavaria, collecting local fairytales for posterity. Did you know you can travel along this actual route, following the Grimms’ footsteps to historical sites, towns, or regions? Wittravel has teamed up with one of our preferred vendors, Avanti Destinations, to organize some great itineraries to take you to the romantic and historical heart of Germany. The following itineraries are recommended and are fully customizable. Check them out:


4 Nights. Includes car rental, hotels, map, suggested driving itinerary, daily breakfast. The fairy tale roads follows in the historical path of the Grimm Brothers through cobblestone streets, across half-timbered cottages, and gnarled forests. You can trace this 595km (370mi) route from Hanau where the brothers were born to Bremen, where the Bremen Town Musicians lived. The route goes through some of the prettiest medieval villages in the country, including Kassel and Gelnhausen.


4 Nights. Includes car rental, hotels, map, suggested driving itinerary, daily breakfast. Travel along the 620 miles of the Castle Road and admire spectacular castles, palaces, and towns of medieval and Roman architecture. Explore the town of Rothenberg and its well-preserved Old Town (seen in the 2010 film Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows), and the ruins of Neckarsteinach, Schloß Schadeck and many others. Wander around the rich centers of Nuremberg and Heidelberg, and their castles and toy museums. Next, drive to Aisbach Valley and stay in one of twenty-two guestrooms in the four-star Rabenstein Castle in Bavaria.


5 Nights. Includes car rental, hotels, map, suggested driving itinerary, daily breakfast. Step back in time to the picturesque countryside; discover fairytale castles and magical medieval towns. Visit the Residenz in Wurzburg, one of Germany’s most splendid Baroque palaces, or wander the fantastically preserved town square of Tauberbischofsheim. Stop in the charming town of Nördlingen and admire its magnificent town walls and eleven watchtowers. Visit the magnificent university town Augsburg, with its Italian Renaissance town hall, and the celebrated storybook castles of King Ludwig II—Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

These itineraries are by no means the limit! Our agents have been to Germany several times and would love to share our knowledge and expertise with you! Give us a call at 503-224-0180 or email

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