Reading List: India

Read before you go! Willamette Intl Travel agents share their favorite fiction from India.

William Dalrymple. City of Djinns. A sparkling account of Delhi’s history, with a collection of memorable characters from Moguls to eunuchs.

Rudyard Kipling. Indian Stories. A collection of short stories set in India from one of the our favorite expats.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Heat and Dust. The story of a bored English colonial wife in the 1920s who is drawn inexorably into the political intrigues of an Indian prince.

Jhumpa Lahiri. The Namesake: A Novel. The story of a family that moves from a traditional life in Calcutta to Massachusetts.

Rudyard Kipling. Kim. The classic tale of an orphan who is involved in a secret mission for the British. 

Aravind Adiga. The White Tiger: A Novel. A poor Indian villager’s ambition leads him deep into the world of Bangalore business culture.

Jawaharlal Nehru. The Discovery of India. Written by one of India’s most famous statesman.

Arundhati Roy. The God of Small Things. The story of an affluent Indian family that is at once a powerful family saga, political drama, and forbidden romance.

E.M. Forster. A Passage to India. Colonialism and the clash of culture in British India.

Rohinton Mistry. A Fine Balance. A magnificent novel of corruption and heroism in 1975 India.

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