Mongolia: The Wild, Wild East

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Mongolia has long been an exotic, enigmatic destination. Explored for centuries only by the most daring of pioneers, traders and surveyors, all that has changed since the country opened its doors to tourists two decades ago. Relatively untouched by modernism, most people still live in yurts and practice a pastoral lifestyle.

Want something more than Paris or London? As one of those destinations that’s very unique and off-the-radar, Mongolia is a perfect country to cross off your bucket list!

Did You Know? In the early 21st century, many spies and refugees fled to Mongolia to escape the Soviets.

photo by Diego Giannoni

In Mongolia, you can check out some or all of these exciting activities:

–         Visit the cosmopolitan city of Ulaanbaatar with a professional guide. Take a tour of the Ganden Monastery and its gorgeous 75-foot copper and gold Buddhist statue

–         Ride through the Jalman Meadows on horseback

–         Stay in a ger camp with nomads

–         Visit the pristine waters of Lake Khovsgol, and its national park that is home to reindeer, yaks, bears, ibex, and mooses.

–         Wander the ruins of the Uushigiin Uver, a bronze-age burial site

–         Access Hustai National Park via the Khongno Khan Mountain ranges. Spy Neolithic graves in the slopes, and if you’re lucky the Mongolian gazelle.

–         See the Bayanzag, the “Flaming Cliffs,” the site of dinosaur excavations since the 1920s

–         Evening game drive to see wild and rare Przewalskii horses

–         Camel safari in the vast and endless Gobi Desert

–         Watch a Mongolian throat singing performance

–        Visit the UNESCO site of Karakorum, and its towering Erdenezuu Monastery.

Photo by Karunakar Rayker

We work with many vendors who specialize in Asia and Mongolia. Asia Transpacific has had 25 years’ experience as Asia/Pacific specialists. Have you dreamt of riding the Trans Orient Express? MIR Corps organizes long-distance train travel from Mongolia all the way to Moscow and back.

Call us for more details on this fabulous destination! 503-224-0180, or email

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