Why you should visit Amsterdam in 2013

This year there’s no better town to visit than Amsterdam. Lonely Planet declared the city as one of the top 10 to visit in 2013. Dozens of museums and artistic venues are celebrating their reopenings, rededications, and anniversaries. The 400th anniversary of trade between the Netherlands and Russia and the 150th anniversary of the Dutch abolition of slavery will also influence events and activities. The city will be abound with concerts, exhibits, processions and sporting events. Check out just some of these fantastic opportunities:

  • From March to September, the Hermitage Amsterdam is hosting a grand Peter the Great exhibit.
  • Rijksmuseum has reopened this April after an extensive renovation.
  • The Royal Artis Zoo is celebrating its 175th birthday with a colorful parade of flora from all over the world.
  • The Van Gogh Museum also got a makeover as it celebrates its 40th anniversary—it reopened its doors to the public early May.
  • The world-renowned Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is celebrating 125 years of top-rate musicianship.
  • The city is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam canal belt.
  • The Carre is celebrating 125 years as a performance venue, kicking off the festivities with a visit from Moscow’s Opera Stanislavski.
  • Frans Hals Museum celebrates its 100 anniversary.
  • The Felix Meritis is celebrating its 225th birthday. A center for science, arts and culture is celebrating by opening its doors to its famous Observatory for anyone who’d like to visit. The center is also hosting readings, exhibitions, educational programs and tours.
  • Regular annual celebrations include the Gay Pride Parade in August, the Amsterdam City Swim and Dam tot Damloop marathon in September, and the Light Festival in December.

Catch a flight to Amsterdam this year to take advantage of this Year of Celebration! Delta flies nonstop from Portland to Amsterdam once a day everyday. Willamette Intl Travel can arrange your flight and hotel reservations, and advise on the best activities in and around the Netherlands. Call Wittravel to book your trip to Amsterdam and beyond.

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