Travel Tips: Off-the-Radar Items to Pack

Travel Tips: Off-the-Radar Items to Pack

Everyone knows to pack their toothbrush and their passport. But what about those items you don’t always consider? Some simple items that can make a world of difference on the road. Here are some of Wittravel’s favorites items off-the-radar:

Iodine tablets. most of the world’s cities and countries don’t have potable water. These aren’t the best tasting, but it’s a quick way to purify your water.

Multipurpose soap. this is a very useful item, often eco-friendly and biodegradable, that helps you wash everything from dishes to clothes to your body.

Drybags or ziplocks. A useful waterproof tool to protect your papers and electronics.

Sleep Kit. Helps those who have difficulty sleeping in new places or on the airplane. Complete with eyeshades, earplugs, travel pillow, perhaps noise-cancelling headphones.

Packing Cubes. These help you fit more into a small space, and can keep dirty clothes apart from clean ones.

Laundry line. Many countries will provide washer machines but not dryers. Do as the locals do, buy your own no-pin laundry line that allows you to hang your clothes anywhere.

Sarong. A multi-purpose clothing that can act as a cover-up, a shade, a grass blanket, a towel, etc.

Like our travel tips or want to suggest more? Leave a comment! We at Wittravel would love to hear from you!

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