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Been around the globesphere and looking for a unique way to see the world? How about trying Un-Cruise Adventures?

A partner of Willamette Intl Travel and based in Seattle, Un-cruise specializes in destination-centric and activity-focused itineraries.

Some of their exciting journeys include: Alaska, coastal Was      hington, British Columbia, Hawaiian Islands, Columbia & Snake Rivers, and Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, the latter which are year-round to enjoy the best of Baja and whale-watching.

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Un-cruise has been featured in the February issue of Conde Nast, who took us firsthand on the “S.S. Legacy, the newest ship to sail that same spectacularly scenic route” as Lewis and Clark. They combine exceptional quality of service with a fresh a sense of adventure. Travel solo, with a companion, with your family or with a group! Their small vessels allow you to experience wilderness and off-the-beaten waterways from an intimate perspective. The crew on board is staffed with knowledgeable experts and trained guides with decades of experience.

On the lookout for that unique itinerary in Alaska? Un-cruise includes “not in the guidebook” places in Alaska. Their Northern Passages and Glacier Bay cruise stops at locations like South Marble Island, Chichagof Island, and the Icy and Peril Straits—with three full days in Glacier Bay!

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Sail with Un-cruise on:

  • A history-themed program down the Northwest rivers aboard an 88-passenger ship refurbished in the style of a fin-de-siècle coastal steamboat. Sailing on the Columbia and through Walla Walla wine country, all the while entertained by reenactments and shoreside tours.
  • A journey into the remote wilderness of Alaska, including Glacier Bay National Park, the White Pass and Yukon Railway. Uncover local Tlingit culture and the historical ports of Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway, Haines and Wrangell.

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  • A cruise to the Hawaiian Islands, where you can kayak in the Pacific Ocean and snorkel among coral gardens and manta rays. Delve into the heart of nature at the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary. Discover the rich history of Hawaii at Lana’i and an evening pa’ina (feast).
  • An island-hopping adventure through the Sea of Cortes, discovering a world of magnificent sealife—turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and more! Kayak in sapphire blue coves and enjoy a desert burro ride ashore.


 Willamette Intl Travel agents have sent several clients on successful vacations with the Un-Cruise. See some of their breathtaking photos in our gallery: https://wittravel.wordpress.com/gallery/1223-2/

Call us to learn more or to book your Un-Cruise today! 503-224-0180 or email info@wittravel.com.

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All of the photos on this post were sent over by the Dents, long-term clients who recently returned from an Un-Cruise sail in Baja. Thank you!


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5 responses to “Un-Cruise Adventures

  1. Love the concept of an “Un-cruise”!

    There is so much aimed towards channeling the tourist into various “tourist activities” to see Un-Cruise Adventures doing something so unique is refreshing!

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