Airplane Snacks!

Let’s face it—flying on airplanes is no picnic. You’re cramped up in what is basically a large cubicle, the A/C drying out your skin and your feet are swelling! The last thing you want to do is crack open some less-than-amazing airplane food of questionable origin. Here are some of our suggestions for plane snacks, easy to prepare and easy to take with you:


Cranberry Flaxseed Bran Muffin. Avoid the worst of jet lag with a boost of vitamin C, magnesium and fiber! Plus these muffins are delicious and guilt-free since they are low in sugar and fat.

Bento Box. Get a small plastic tin and fill it up with your favorite cheeses, crackers, nuts—maybe toss in a few sesame sticks and pretzels too! Low mess, quick bites, and voila!

Fruit Leather. Pack on that vitamin C with some fruit leather, which you can buy at most stores (look in the organic section), or have some fun and make it at home! Try this recipe here.


Apple or Kale Chips. Continue the homemade tradition with apple or kale chips made right in your home! Just bake them in your oven (a few hours for the apples, a few minutes for the kale) the day before, and dash with some spices (cinnamon for the apples, salt for the kale) for a lightweight and delicious snack.

Sandwich. Snacks just not doing it for you and need something a bit more filling? Or are you forced to endure one of those classic 5 hour flights with no free food? Prepare a quick sandwich beforehand. The key is to get something that is easy to clean up and doesn’t have a strong smell (imagine being the one stuck with Onion Breath all flight 🙂 ). Try a hummus on pita, or a chickpea salad on whole wheat. You be brave and try an apple and brie sandwich—use multigrain bread for that extra bit of nutrition!

Have a great idea for an airplane snack? Leave it in the comments!

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