Paris Picasso Museum to Reopen


Parisian Update from our friends over at Chocolatine:

The big news for this fall in Paris is the reopening of the Picasso Museum on October 25–incidentally Picasso’s birthday! The museum is held in the beautiful 17th century Hôtel Salé in the third arrondissement.

The museum’s 17th-century hôtel particulier was built in 1659 by Pierre Aubert, a financier and adviser to Louis XIV. He also served as the salt tax collector, earning his extravagant mansion the nickname of Hôtel Salé (salty). The majestic staircase, based on a plan by Michelangelo, is the centerpiece, with delicate ironwork banisters and a sumptuous collection of sculpted garlands, cherubs and divinities.

After years of delays, the final bill for the refurbishment now comes at €52 million. Renovations have doubled the public space, modernized facilities, and added a multimedia auditorium and a Cubist garden. The museum is estimated to showcase around 5,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, sketches, photographs and documents, along with 150 works by other artists.

Visit the Museum’s Website here:

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