1 Euro = 1.05 USD!

Now for a Post from “Our Man in Paris”


Yesterday one liter cost €1.56 = $1.65 at today’s interbank rate, you get less than that when you change money. The €1.00 is worth $1.05 !

$1.65 x 3.7854 liter (1 gallon) = $6.24 a gallon !

$6.24 a gallon and that is cheap compared to a while back. Price of gas is going up fast and the € is going down even faster. It will be 1€ = $1 soon now.

The €€€ started in 2002 at the rate of $1.17 = 1.00€.

Worst rate was about $1.47 = 1.00€, bad exchange rate  for Americans.

Now if it comes down to parity or $1 to 1€ it becomes very interesting for Americans  traveling to Europe and good for Euro business to sell at a much cheaper price outside of Europe.

In Paris, people should do like I do. Walk a lot, take the bus or the metro and if you are not afraid  of riding a bicycle in Paris (dangerous) or roller skate, you will do your body a lot of good and save money as well as participate in reducing pollution.

That’s it for today’s news in Paris, it is lovely and sunny and warm.


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One response to “1 Euro = 1.05 USD!

  1. Jacques Vidican

    So much for the cost of gas in Paris, yesterday it was announced on the radio that Paris was worst than Beijing or Shanghai as far as air pollution! The mayor of Paris tried to have traffic limited to either even or odd number plates to reduce pollution but the high ranking police commissionner said NO !
    As I said, walk, roller skate, bicycle, bus or Metro. Help !

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