Our Woman in Iceland


We have an exciting update! Our WIT agent Wailana Kalama recently moved her base camp to Reykjavik, Iceland! From here, she will still serve as our field correspondent, managing our blog and social media. We ask her:

Why Iceland?

Iceland has grown tremendously in the public eye in the last few years. The travel industry in the country is swelling at an exponential rate, and the infrastructure is following suit. Travelers to Iceland are drawn to the country for its easily accessible sites, stunning nature, unique culture and vibrant artistic communities.

Iceland is Europe and it is not Europe–a perfect halfway point for travelers from the USA. Iceland has always intrigued me with its unique geographic location, resting right on two tectonic plates just south of the Arctic Circle–a location that equals active volcanoes, impressive glaciers, and dramatic mountains and valleys. Icelanders at once retain both their rich cultural history as well as pursue a sense of the cosmopolitan, especially in the capital of Reykjavik. You can walk in ice caves, take a helicopter to for a glimpse at the Holuhraun lava flow, shop for fine wool clothing, ride the unique Icelandic horse, or sample delicious seafood dishes in the harbors. There is so much to do and see–I have been here four times and I’ve certainly not seen everything or been everywhere. The country is just a must on any traveler’s bucket list.

If you need insider tips, or expert, on-the-ground feedback of Reykjavik and Iceland, don’t hesitate to email me at wailanak@wittravel.com. I’ll assist you with trip planning then turn you over to one of our highly qualified agents in Portland. Our connections often allow us to secure airfare, hotels, cars, and tours for your journey through the land of sagas and Vikings with competitive prices and perks. Willamette Intl Travel agent Nancy attended a conference in Iceland recently in February, and would also love to share her feedback with you.

Flying to Europe? How about a free stopover in Iceland? Icelandair permits stopovers of up to 5 nights. Spend your vacation in the cosmopolitan cities of Amsterdam, Paris, London–then end it on the quirky streets of Reykjavik.

Call Willamette Intl Travel at 503-224-0180 or email Wailana to discuss your options.

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