The Quick Low-Down on Cuba


Cuba–land of antique cars, cigars, great music, and long beaches to enjoy at sunset. For the first time in decades, Cuba the tourist destination is now opening up for US citizens. New legislations means that travel agents can now book clients on trips without a special license, making it easier than ever to book a vacation to Havana. Our agents get calls almost daily, and tours are selling out for 2016 already. So hit the shores of this “new” destination while it’s still relatively untouched!

But wait! Before you clear your calendar, do know that major restrictions still apply to US passport holders. If you want to book a trip to Cuba, be aware that:

You need to be confirmed on a tour with a licensed tour operator, such as International Expeditions or Alexander & Roberts.

This tour must have a designated purpose; the most common for tourists are the “people to people” (cultural) purpose, and the “religious travel” purpose.

Air travel is difficult. BUT registered tour operators do have access to the air charters out of Miami & New York.


We have worked with several reliable tour companies in the past, who ensure safe and enjoyable trips to Cuba. Call 503-224-0180 to talk to one of our agents for a trip for you and your family.

Yalla Tours: offers independent itineraries tailored to your preference.

International Expeditions: offers up to 10-Day tours (some of which are already sold out for 2016!), which engage participants in meaningful interactions with individuals in Cuba.

Alexander & Roberts: organizes small groups in four different tours (5-13 days) in Havana and beyond. vinales

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