Update for Traveling Minors: South Africa

Did You Know? Some countries require minors to carry documentation to prevent human trafficking or other issues of consent. Always ask your travel agent about entry requirements before travel.

The Latest Update for Traveling Minors:

South Africa

The South African government now requires all children under the age of 18 to carry documentation in addition to their passport.

Effective June 1, requirements include:

– original and certified copy of birth certificate issued within the last 3 months.

– If the minor is traveling unaccompanied or with only one parent must travel with an affidavit of consent from the non-traveling parent(s).

– all travel documents must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation.


If a child is traveling to Mexico with one or neither parent, he or she must present to officials a valid passport and a notarized authorization signed by both parents or the one not traveling. It must be translated into Spanish.


If the minor is traveling with one parent, requirements include the minor’s birth certificate and an authorization letter signed and dated by absent parent, that lists address and telephone number and copy of passport of absent parent.  If the minor is traveling alone, a birth certificate and letter of consent signed and dated by both parents.

Please note: Without the required documentation, airlines could deny travelers boarding or countries could detain or deport them immediately.

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