Spotlight on Cape Town

 16452250048_9d04c02d74_q  December heralds the beginning of summer in Cape Town, South Africa, and the official peak of the tourist season. A dazzling, energetic jewel set where two oceans meet, Cape Town has been enjoying an economic boost since the 2010 World Cup. Now’s the time to book for travel this winter 2016!


What to Do in Cape Town?

  • Take the leap and sky-dive, kite-surf, rock-climb or shark cage dive.
  • Stop by the District Six Museum for a history of the apartheid and this area. Once home to a racially diverse community, the government forcibly segregated the district in the sixties.
  • Spend an afternoon wandering around the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, home to more than 7000 species of plants, 125 types of birds, and a colorful array of mammals, invertebrates and reptiles.
  • Visit Table Mountain, the 3,560-foot granite monument that both defines and dominates the landscape. Buy a pass on the cable car or enjoy a 2-hour strenuous hike of about two hours for some glorious sunset views.
  • Take a bite into the famous ostrich burgers at the Old Biscuit Mill, which offers everything from french pastries to spanish paella to asian noodles.


  • Greenmarket Square is one of the country’s oldest public squares, with merchants selling their wares of bone, masks, and beaded jewelry next to boutiques and wrought-iron balconies. If you’re in the neighborhood in December, don’t forget to stop off at the Street Night Market in Adderley, packed with stalls of handmade Christmas gifts.
  • For nightly entertainment, try Marco’s Africa Place, a local favorite that serves ox tongue and chicken livers with beans. The clientele is encouraged to stand on the tables, swaying with the performers.


For a fantastic guide in Cape Town, we at WIT recommend Laura’s Township Tours. Laura Ndukwana has escorted visitors around her native South Africa for over seventeen years, combining historical factoids with personal anecdotes that bring the city to life.

Fancy a Drive? Hire a car (2.5 hours) out to Bushman’s Kloof Western Cape, a malaria-free nature reserve. The region is home to rock carvings, vineyards aplenty, and breathtaking safari rides.

WIT Agent Nancy just returned from South Africa last month! Give her a call at 503-224-0180 to hear what she recommends first hand.

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