Announcing the Newsletter for Summer 2015

Some exciting news! Next Week we’re releasing our Summer 2015 Newsletter!

Our seasonal newsletters are always fun to put together–full as they are with travel tips, client and agent trip feedback, calendar updates, event invitations, offers on sale, and more.

If you aren’t signed up yet, call us to order a free paper copy!

(Catch up on the previous newsletter, released last winter, available here on our website:

This summer’s issue features a great deal of Africa, in an attempt to dispel a lot of the myths about travel to the continent (looking at you, ebola).

This autumn, WIT Owners Christina and John are returning once again to east Africa to escort groups, and in May Nancy headed to South Africa for her first safari. After some sightseeing, she attended the Indaba Conference in Durban, then took a few days out in Kruger National Park and a private reserve for some excellent wildlife viewing. To say her feedback has been positive would be a major understatement:

My first visit foray to the African continent took me to South Africa.  For decades I’ve heard clients return from Africa with superlatives:  “life changing”, “transformative”, “must return”, and “best trip ever”, to share a few.

I agree with them all, and would add “surreal”. Dictionary definition:  “having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic” .  The light is unique, the life cadence is seductive, the night sky mesmerizing,  and the quiet of the bush interrupted only by a lion’s snuffle or a male impala’s challenge call: all seem like a dream – one that I’d return to anytime.

Read Nancy’s full report in the summer newsletter, due out next week. Call 503-224-0180 to order your free copy today.

And don’t forget to head over to our Gallery for some of her amazing photos!

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