Our National Parks celebrate their 99th Birthday

Happy 99th Birthday to the National Park Service!!

Yesterday was the NPS’ 99th birthday, and parks all over the country opened their borders free for all. This is only one of six times a year the NPS offers this pass–the others being January 19, February 14-16, April 18-19, September 26, and November 11. So take a day, take a weekend or more–and head out to enjoy the beautiful wilds out there.

The NPS protects magnificent wildernesses all over the country. Here are some great sites that celebrate the founding of this invaluable service:

Beautiful Photos: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/celebrate-the-national-park-services-99th-birthday-with-these-beautiful-photos_55dc7f5ce4b08cd3359d4b51

A Brief History of the NPS: http://buckrail.com/2015/08/25/happy-99th-anniversary-to-the-national-park-service-a-brief-history-of-our-local-national-parks/

Find Your Park: http://findyourpark.com/

White House’s Official Tumblr: http://whitehouse.tumblr.com/post/127604850448/todaysdocument-happy-99th-birthday-national

Renowned conservationist and writer Terry Tempest Williams posted this photo on Instagram in commemoration of the date.

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