Where in the World is the WIT Client? Portugal!


We recently booked a fabulous trip to Portugal for our lovely clients the Kurdocks. Check out their feedback below!

For a portion of the trip, they met up with Anselmo, our wonderful go-to guide for the region. Anselmo has been leading private tours for guests for 15 years–read more about his tours on our previous blog post here.

We just wanted to thank you for planning a terrific trip for us.  Everything went smoothly and we appreciated the thoughtfulness and detail that went into the planning.  We loved Portugal and are glad we took your advice and spent more time exploring it rather than trying to see some of Spain in the same number of days. Our mid September travel dates blessed us with near perfect weather with blue skies and comfortable temperatures. The trip was a nice balance of artistic and cultural sites, scenery, and relaxation. Not having to drive or navigate allowed us the luxury of taking everything in as we drove around.

Anselmo Goncalves was a wonderful guide.  He is easy to be with, has an encyclopedic memory, and answered our endless questions with infinite patience.  We learned by the end of our first day in Lisbon with him how enriched our trip would be under his guidance.  We saw so much more in one day than we ever could on our own and understood the context of what we saw at a deeper level. He knew what to have us explore at greater depth and what to just check out briefly. He knew which back alleys to scoot down to avoid traffic and where he could get us “seniors” on shorter ticket lines.  Most importantly, he gave us access to a side of Portugal we would have missed either traveling on our own or with a tour group.  We ate where he takes his family at the seaside and were the only non-Portuguese at the restaurant.  We had the leisure to take in small towns and sit with him and have a coffee in the town plaza. After a few days with him, he was comfortable enough to make suggestions as to how we might appropriate our time as he got to know what interested us the most.  Always the well mannered professional, we give Anselmo two thumbs up.

The hotel accommodations you arranged were all excellent.  I have comments about two of them.  As Janelas Verdes was the first hotel we stayed in in Lisbon.  The room and service were fine, but we found the location a bit remote from the sights of Lisbon. Other than the adjacent Museum of Antiquities, most sights required a cab. The Quinta de Casaldronho Wine Hotel near Lamego was an amazing venue.  We arrived at dusk after a very long day on the road and left by 9:00 the next morning.  Sunset and sunrise were amazing with our view of the Douro Valley.  We had Anselmo with us, so a stay of more than one night would not have been practical, but if you have some future client who wants to spend a day off the road, this place would be ideal.  With private balconies and an infinity pool with a drop dead view of the valley, it would be a nice stop to relax for a day. Alas, the mattresses at this hotel were wanting.  We tossed and turned and then overheard a group of people with the same complaint at breakfast the next morning. You can’t have everything, I guess. Staying at Hotel Infante de Sagres in Porto was a treat. The over-the-top decor was fun.  Our top floor room had amazing views of Porto and the service was impeccable.

Our agents at Wittravel love to arrange fantastic trips for clients all over Europe and the world. Call us at 503-224-0180 or email info@wittravel.com to find out more. 


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