The Salt Flats of Bolivia

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In the remote southwest corner of Bolivia, lies a blinding white sea of pure salt. The ghostly landscape is dotted with erratic rock formations and islands of cacti. Here, the land is always thirsty.

The salt flats of Uyuni are the largest in the world. Stretching an impressive 4,500 square miles at an elevation of 12,000 feet, the desert landscape is nothing short of primeval. There’s little but white hexagons and pentagons, everywhere you look.

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Once part of a prehistoric salt lake, the flats have since dried up into a severe beauty. Memorable characteristics are deafening silence, seasonal cerulean puddles, and colored mineral lakes. Wildlife is rare here, but if you’re lucky you may glimpse a flock of pink flamingos or the odd herd of wild vicuñas.

Uyuni is a fantastic destination for travelers who love the outdoors, or who have seen Peru and Iguazu and are on the lookout for something a bit different. The salt flats and their eerie, otherworldly scenery also attract photographers of NatGeo caliber from all over the world.

Bolivia is one of the most remote countries in the Western hemisphere. Up until as recently as 2011, Uyuni Airport serviced mostly mining companies. Now they have daily flights from La Paz. Tourism is still a budding industry—so we encourage our clients to check out this beautiful destination before it gets too crowded!

Avanti Destinations offers an incredible 3-day package that includes all air/ground transportation, 2 region tours, 2 nights accommodation and all meals. Hop your 4×4 jeep with your expert guide out to see the miniature pyramids of salt, the train graveyard, or Colchani the village of salt.

Spend 2 nights at the Luna Salada Salt Hotel, a superior 3-star resort constructed from salt blocks, with exquisite views of the flats. Or take a deluxe trip in an airstream camper into the heart of this otherworldly landscape.

This is a perfect add-on to a greater trip to Peru or Bolivia or other neighboring country.

Trips depart March to November (during dry season). For full details, click hereOr read more about Avanti Destinations here.

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