2016 Preview: Festivals in Asia

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2016 is bursting with festive holidays all over Asia!

V’Explore Tours offers exceptional and one-of-a-kind experiences in East and Southeast Asia. They hand-tailor journeys based on each individual and their interests—customizing adventures to your needs! It’s just you and your guide, one-on one. Many activities are exclusive to V’Explore Tours.

Call your Willamette Intl Travel agent to learn more about exciting trips at 503-224-0180 or info@wittravel.com. In 2014, WIT Social Media Guru Wailana embarked on a trip with V’Explore to Thailand and Laos–feel free to email her at wailanak@wittravel.com with questions about her firsthand experience. 

Festivals bring you face-to-face with the ultimate expression of the collective human spirit. Return home from your Southeast Asia journey with dazzling memories and a greater understanding and acceptance of other cultures. Cultural curiosity brings a more robust life experience thus spreading tolerance and peace through this troubled world we share. Southeast Asia is known for its celebration of deep cultural traditions in their festivals and holidays. In the age of virtual technology, nothing is quite as transformative or extraordinary as firsthand experience. We look to the teachings of cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, who directs us to the Latin origin of the word “respect,” meaning “to look again.” Let’s “look again” and look closer at another culture and learn more about our world.

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Feb. 7-13 New Years and “TET” Festival (This is the most important festival/holiday in Vietnam.  It is a 7-day celebration of traditions, visiting family, including food, dance, games etc.)


April 13-15 Songkran (Thai New Year and an exuberant water festival.  Plan to get wet, no one is exempted from this celebration.)

Nov. 25 Loy Krathong (A magical festival of lights and hope for the future, a photographers’ dream with hundreds of lanterns floating into the air taking the hopes and dreams for the new year to the heavens)


April 11-16   Thingyan Festival (Means leading from one thing to another) and this pre New Year’s Day festival is a colorful and boisterous water  festival with dragon boat races, floating lanterns and special foods and art displays throughout this period with the Myanmar New Year.

Oct.-Nov. The Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda’s Festival in Inle Lake is the country’s largest, celebrated over nearly three weeks on sublime Inle Lake during October and November. The festival is an unparalleled feature of photography trips. One-legged rowing races between local villages is one of the unique highlights of this festival.

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Photos from Wailana’s Trip to Thailand/Laos with V’Explore: Here and here

(Photos in this blog post courtesy of V’Explore Tours.)

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