Versailles’ Upcoming Remodel

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Bonjour! Our friends from Chocolatine have big news about the Palace of Versailles!

The Palace is in the middle of major renovation that started in 2003 and is expected to span 20 years (until 2023)! Each section of the palace is being meticulously restored, room by room.

On 5 January 2016, most of the Queen’s Apartments—built for Marie Antoinette in 1781—were closed for restoration until sometime in 2018. (These apartments were included in the regular visit.)

To make up for this, three other spaces in this part of the palace were opened for viewing and are well worth a look!

These include:

• The Antechamber of the Grand Couvert, where the Kings and Queens (from Louis XIV to Louis XVI) ate their dinner “in public,” watched by numerous other royal family members

• The Queens’ Guard Room, once the chamber where guards came and went throughout their 24 watch

• The Mesdames Apartments, built in the mid-1700s for Louis XV’s five daughters.

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And now for a few fun facts about Versailles!… The Palace has:

– 700 rooms

-1,250 chimneys

– 67 staircases

– 2,150 windows

– and more than 5,000 pieces of furniture!

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photo credits from flickr creative commons, jose losada, david mcspadden, ninara

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