4 Tips to Keep a Balanced Diet On The Road

Travel is all about spontaneity, embracing the new and unfamiliar. But it can also disrupt your regular eating and sleeping patterns—disturbing your body’s equilibrium in the process. Keeping healthy while on the road isn’t too difficult, however—read on for our tips:

1. Cook a Couple Meals

If you have access to a kitchen while you’re traveling, take advantage of it to cook yourself few meals a few times. Browse neighborhood markets. Go bartering for fresh fruit and vegetables; you can still interact with everyday folks at the local market. If you’re by the sea, head down to the docks to pick up some fish caught that morning. You may even try new tastes or fruit you’ve never seen before. Cooking a healthy meal will save you some calories and do wonders for your budget, too. Vacation rentals often provide a stocked kitchen where you can cook your own breakfast or dinner. 

2. Snacks!

Healthy snacks are great boosts of energy to get you throughout your busy travel day. Keep apples, nuts and veggies in your bag. Munching on a cereal bar every now and then will keep your hunger in check and prevent you making bad choices. Like spending a lot of money at an overpriced cafe or diving into fast food! Pack light snacks for the plane, too. Try ziplock bags or plastic containers to store them—opt for meal bars and nuts in this case, as fruit or vegetables are often not allowed on airplanes.

3. Waaaater

Drink tons of water. Of course, this is helpful advice wherever you are, but this becomes even more critical when you are traveling. Whether you’re in the snow or sun, flying on planes, staying at air-conditioned hotels, sightseeing for hours, or messing up sleep cycles—you’re going to want to stay hydrated. Water helps you feel full and staves off over-snacking; it can also flush out toxins from alcohol or other indulgences. It also clears the skin, prevents cravings for junk food, and reduces the symptoms of jet lag. Carry a small bottle of water with you wherever you go.

4. Avoid Heavy Foods

Unhealthy foods can take the spring out from under your step, leading to an otherwise happy travel day. Try to avoid, as much as possible, food that’s been deep fried, food with high-chemical content, or food with simple carbs like refined grain, fruit juices, sodas or sugary snacks. Basically, anything that has been over-processed is likely to make you feeling queasy all afternoon: margarine, nondairy creamer, packaged baked goods, to name a few. That said, don’t let a strict diet keep you from enjoying your vacation! If you really want those french fries, by all means go for it! After all, you’re out on an incredible adventure, so don’t be afraid to live a little!

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