Where the World is our WIT Agent? — Malta!

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On the lookout for sybaritic spas, exciting watersports, sumptuous boutique hotels and romantic vistas? Look no further than Malta. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a luxurious destination, a rich blend of cultures, languages, and ancient & medieval ruins.

You may have heard that this week WIT Agent Pam is checking out the stunning islands of Malta! Stay tuned for her photos and feedback.

Let us plan your idyllic Mediterranean trip for you and your loved ones! We’re receiving more and more inquiries of Malta lately. A 2-week trip to Italy including Malta and/or Sicily is a fantastic experience–call us to learn more. 

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Archaeology and architecture in particular are famous in Malta, and the most iconic of structures is the Hypogeum (3600-2500 bce), a UNESCO-site and labyrinth of underground chambers, which served as both a burial site and a temple.

Our clients the Vigelands and the Kehoes (among others) both went a couple years ago and gave amazing feedback. We included the Vigelands’ trip report in one of our newsletters. They stayed at the beautiful Hilton which features gorgeous views.

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From the Vigelands’ desk:

“It was time to go to Mdina. So, we got another taxi for the approximately 30 minute ride there. Mdina is a walled city and Molly had told us that the Xara Palace inside the city would be the perfect place for Ted’s birthday. Mdina traces back more than 4,000 years. It has the nickname of the “silent city” but on this weekend…it wasn’t silent. We were in for a treat as they were having their Medieval Mdina Festival. We had to walk our luggage into the hotel as there was an “invasion” going on – a mock battle. All very fun and truly festive. We dropped off our bags and joined in the festivities and walked around the city. This is a totally unique place and is an absolute must….even when there isn’t a festival…

“Lunch was fish right out of the bay in front of Ron’s Restaurant in the Marsacala Fishing Village. This was our first look, from our window, at the beautifully colored and authentic Malta fishing boats. Ron brought by the fresh fish and I had the scorpion fish, a first, and it was fabulous. As with many locations on this trip the fish were brought to the table, selected, and then cooked according to our preferences. Since it was Sunday the major farmer’s market was in full swing just below the window where we sat. We explored it once we finished. Then off to the Blue Grotto for a Luzzu Boat Ride. A definite must. The water is so blue and the vistas amazing.

“Earlier we had stopped by Pilot’s (our driver’s) home and met his wife. She then joined us for a beer after we finished our boat ride. Then we headed to the Hagar Qim Temples. These are beautiful temples built about the same time as the Hypogeum with beautiful views of the sea. (They predate the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge.)”

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Photos Courtesy of Visit Malta.


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  1. Re-reading my notes has made me return to the full report AND pull out the scrapbook! 🙂

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