First US Cruise Ship to Sail into Cuba’s harbor for nearly 40 Years

On Monday May 2, Havana Cuba greeted the first cruise passengers from the US to grace its harbor for nearly 40 years! After a half-century of Cold War stalemate, Cubans and Americans both met this auspicious meeting with delight. The cruise terminal was packed with dancers and musicians (including a conga band) celebrating the event, as well as restauranteurs and shopkeepers advertising their businesses.
Before the 1959 revolution, cruise ships regularly sailed from America to Cuba, commonly from Miami but also from as far away as New York. No US ship has sailed into the harbor for decades; until the rapprochment in December 2014 by Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro.
The Adonia, a 700-passenger ship owned by Carnival Corp, crossed the Florida Straits in 17 hours and Havana is the first stop on this historic voyage. From hereon in the ship will take eight days to circumnavigate the island, before eventually returning to Miami. This journey marks the beginning of a mutually prosperous trade relationship.
Several passengers were Cubans who live in the USA and had not landed on Cuban soil for 30-40 years. A Cuban law prohibiting nationals from entering by sea was only lifted last week.
Only selected cruise lines and tour guides are permitted to operate full-scale trips to Cuba in 2016-2017. Call Willamette Intl Travel to book your trip today or to learn more information. Call 503-224-0180 or email

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