Lindblad’s 11-Day Expedition in Cuba

Join Lindblad on their comprehensive Land & Sea program aboard the Panorama II. Cuba has long been endlessly fascinating to visitors. The country’s vibrant cultures, the beauty of its landscapes, its island natural history, and of course its political history have captured international attention for generations. On their People-to-People exploration, you’ll meet interesting Cubans and learn what the reality is behind the perceptions. You’ll also meet with people who are working to preserve the bountiful marine life that is some of the most remarkable anywhere.

You’ll stay over three days in Havana, based at the Hotel Nacional—former headquarters for Hemingway and Sinatra—you’ll meet Cubans in their art galleries, studios, auto-body shops, and homes. Then, you’ll embark ship to discover the wonders of Cuba’s colonial treasures, and wild places in the company of local experts, including the incredible Gardens of the Queen Marine Park—protected by Fidel Castro, an avid scuba diver.

The ship will then sail to the Bay of Pigs, the center for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961. The bay lies deep within the Zapata Swamp National Park, where you’ll get a chance to glimpse renowned birdlife, like the bee hummingbird, trogon, green woodpecker and others. Other destinations on the voyage is Cayo Largo, with its sea turtle breeding center, the stunning colonial UNESCO city of Trinidad, and the beautiful marine Gardens of the Queen. Your final afternoon will be spent in Cuba’s “Pearl of the South,” Cienfuego, a vibrant center of art and music.


Departures in January, February, March and December. 

Wittravel is your definitive guide to Cuba and the Caribbean Isles. We have been sending folks to Cuba for decades, and we’d love to share our expertise with you. Email us at or give us a call at 503-224-0180. 


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