The Elephants that Came to Dinner

Wild Elephant Herd Walks through a Hotel

For years, Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia has played host to a group of elephants who shuffle through the lobby and the courtyard to feast on mangoes. Watch as they bring their newborn baby, “Lord Wellington,” through the premises. Though normally dangerous creatures, especially with a new calf in tow, these particular African elephants have an unprecedented trust for the cameramen and hotel staff.

WIT Owners Christina and John embark on escorted trips through Kenya and Tanzania every year! Read all about our upcoming Africa trips in our Newsletter. You’ll find details on page 4 regarding trips to Namibia (Aug 2016), Serengeti and Tanzania (Feb 2017), and Kenya (Sept 2017). Call us to get on the waitlist for Namibia–there may just be a spot for you! On our newsletter you can also check out the report from the 2015 trip (page 5), and our clients Doug & Diane’s feedback on their 6-week trip to South Africa (page 14). 

WIT Agent Nancy was fortunate enough to go on a South African Safari last year. Check out her elephant photos from the trip: 
[This is] a series of my photos while on safari in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. A baby ellie challenged our vehicle; his Mom didn’t let him get so close though.  And the extreme close up of Mom is because she was about six inches from the back of my head, as I sat on the top back seat of the vehicle 🙂
Who doesn’t adore Baby Elephants?
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WIT Owner Christina in Tanzania: 
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7 responses to “The Elephants that Came to Dinner

  1. The video is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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