Tomorrow is World Tapas Day!

Love Tapas? So do we!!

¡Bienvenido! Did you know Thursday, June 16 is World Tapas Day? Yes, it’s a thing!

Tapas are a type of “mini-dish” typical of Spain, created to make the most of the delicious flavors of the country. They can be served cold, hot, on toast, in clay pots–and best enjoyed with a group of your closest friends! Spaniards often go on “tapa-tastings,” that is, bar-hopping for a whirlwind tour of mouth-watering dishes in one neighborhood. Tapas are popular all over the country, from Barcelona to Granada; we’re talking premium ingredients like Iberian ham, extra virgin olive oil, succulently baked seafood, patatas braves, spicy chorizo—all paired elegantly with Rioja wine.

The word tapa is said to have derived from the Spanish word tapar, meaning “to cover,” and may have originated from a time when inns used to serve small portions under hot pot covers. Whatever the origin–it’s enough to get us thinking about a trip to Spain to sample at the source!

This video has got us positively salivating: Tapa!

Also check out: 

A Fun Infographic on Tapas

Our 20 Recommended Tapas

In Portland, Oregon and you just can’t wait for your trip to Spain? Treat yourself this weekend with a tapas meal at Andina, Toro Bravo or Ataula!

Or if you’d rather have the real deal–make an appointment with one of our agents at Willamette Intl Travel to discuss summer and fall flights into Spain! Call 503-224-0180 or email today!

Brought to you with the help of the Tourist Office of Spain


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