Rock the Summer Away in Scandinavia

Our top news: WIT Roaming Social Media Correspondent Wailana has arrived in Stockholm! The weather is sunny and warm, with the occasional bout of clouds and light afternoon showers. She will be attending the International Travel Blogger Exchange this week, where she plans to meet several international tour suppliers and even go on a few day trips herself! So stay tuned for those reports and photos.

In Scandinavia this summer and looking for an awesome time? From the green-gold fjords to Norway to the black sand beaches of Iceland, the region truly comes alive with music from May to August.


Here are the highlights you can still catch:


Copenhagen, Denmark: Fredagsrock

Every Friday night Tivoli Garden offers free concerts outdoors.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Groove to the chill tunes of traditional and experimental jazz, all throughout the city.


Trondheim, Norway: Pstereo

A chill atmosphere with obscure bands, delicious BBQ and picnics abound.

Gävle, Sweden: Getaway Rock

Lovers of heavy metal flock here in droves to taste a variety of metal and headbanging!

Gothenburg, Sweden: Way Out West

An eclectic mix of electronic, rock and hiphop on the west coast of Sweden

Skanderborg, Denmark: Skanderborg Festival

This festival attracts more than 30,000 attendees, and it’s no wonder, as it’s situated in a beautiful forest outside in Jutland.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Strom

Strom, aka “Electricity” buzzes in the city of Copenhagen, enlivening the cinemas, churches and metros stations.

Hammershus: Wonderfestiwall

This creative festival is a cultural event aimed at local youth, and located next to the medical fortress of Hammershus.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Trailerpark

A wild cultural festival organized by artists for artists—so join in for an eclectic array of artists, musicians, designers, directors, and more.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Cultural Night

An annual celebration of concerts and festivities throughout the city. There’s usually an impressive fireworks show out by Old Harbor!

Willamette Intl Travel is happy to arrange your trip to Scandinavia and Europe, to catch the show!  We have the resources and the know-how to plan a perfect and affordable vacation for you and your family. Call us at 503-224-0180. 


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