Panama Canal: Makeover Edition


Last week we featured WIT Agent Barb’s trip to Panama with Caravan Tours. That was back in January–since then, it’s revamped with a crazy makeover since then!

The Panama Canal Locks are an impressive testament to technology, and they got a revamp last month with the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project. This operation, beginning in September 2007, increased the width and depth of the lanes, allowing for larger cargo and cruise ships to transit. Before the project was completed, only vessels capable of carrying 5,000 TEUs (cargo units) were able to pass through the canal; now vessels carrying 13,000 TEUs are able to transit the Canal. It also lead to the improvement of the water supply and navigational channels. The locks are regulated by horizontally sliding gates, measuring 23-33 meters tall, 10 meters wide and 58 meters long. That’s a big water wall!

The project cost Panama $5.25 billion and is expected to dramatically increase the country’s trade, or as the 2006 President said, would transform Panama into a First World Country.

For full in-depth coverage of the new locks, check out the official video:

Our clients Rick and Judy S. recently sailed through Panama and have graciously allowed us to share their pics here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“…my thanks and appreciation for our fantastic Central America cruise. We had a perfect time.” — Judy S.

“How does Caravan do it! So much value and lovely accommodations at so little cost! I score them a 12 out of 10 on all aspects.” — Betty S., toured Panama Canal with Caravan Tours

Traveled a bit and looking for something new? Panama is your answer! Our Agents at Willamette Intl Travel have all the know-how for a perfect vacation through, in or around Panama. Call us 503-224-0180 or email 

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