A Quick Peek into Fall Festivals

It’s that time of year — autumn foliage, the crisp smell of rain, pumpkin spice and orange! Traveling somewhere this Autumn? Here are some great upcoming Fall Festivals to check out around the world!

Melbourne Festival. October 6-23. Australia! A crazy fest of dance, music, multimedia, theatre, and even circus arts, indoors and out!

Oasis. September 16-18. Morocco. This explosion of an event celebrates music and holistic health over three packed days in Marrakech.


Oktoberfest. September 17-October 3. Munich, Germany. Of course, who can forget the beer festival to end all beer festivals, Oktoberfest. Starting in a matter of days, this lively German party of brews and brats is world-renowned.

Vegetarian Festival. September 30-October 10, Phuket. Vegetarians will delight in this festival just for them—which kicks off in Phuket Town in Thailand. Devout followers of Tao abstain from meat products.

El Señor de los Milagros. 18, 28 and 29 October. Lima, Peru. This colorful parade is in honor of the 350-year-old mural of Christ, which survived three major earthquakes in its life—hundreds walk in religious procession and decorate the avenues in purple.

Jidai Matsuri. October 22. Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto hosts a breathtaking procession, with period costumes that date all the way back through the city’s history.


Diwali. October 30. India. If you’re in India in late October this year, you’re truly lucky to encounter the Festival of Lights. For five days, Indians light clay oil lamps, set off fireworks, give gifts, and decorate their homes and streets with flickering lanterns, bonfires, and bright lights. This unusual harvest festival welcomes the goddess Lakshmi for the new year.

Iceland Airwaves. November 2-6. Reykjavik, Iceland. Possibly the biggest festival in Iceland, and certainly one of the more famous in Scandinavia, the Airwaves is a time when all the bars, concert halls, and venues open their doors to musicians, famous and amateur alike. Even if tickets sell out, you can wander the streets to encounter performing artists!

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