Travel News: Canada: New Entry Requirement in Effect

Canada: New Entry Requirement in Effect

Canada instituted new entry requirements that went into effect September 30. While exceptions include U.S. citizens and those with a valid Canadian visa, visa-exempt foreign nationals including those living in the United States will now require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. The cost of an eTA is $7 CAD. The leniency period that allows travelers to board their flight without an eTA ends November 9. If you are a non-U.S. citizen who is traveling to Canada, apply for an eTA before your agent books your flight. Most applicants get approved within minutes. However, some applications can take several days to process.

How will National Mourning affect Thailand Tourism?

The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX, passed away on Thursday after a national record reign of 88 years. Travel bureaus and agencies expect that the tourism may experience a slowdown throughout the country. The government has called upon people to avoid joyful events for 30 days and to dress in mourning for a year. Partying and drinking alcohol in public is off limits for now. Entertainment programs have been banned from networks for a month. While it is too early to gauge the immediate impact on tourism, any alcohol restrictions and 12 months of mourning may make Thai resorts less attractive for some vacationers.



The World’s Most Luxurious Travel Experiences

When money’s no object, the world is your oyster. If you have cash to splurge, there are a number of ways to do it on the high-end. Spend 3 weeks on a private jet next May from Seoul to Paris with Four Seasons. Crystal Cruises takes to the skies on its special charter equipped with bar, duvets, flatbeds and only 84 fellow passengers. Skip away to a private atoll owned by Richard Branson or Marlon Brando. More on the story here.

10 Of The Most Haunted Hotels In America

It’s that time of year again, when specters and ghosts jump out at night! If you’re a believer (and even if you’re not), combine a weekend getaway and spooky stories by booking a couple nights at the country’s scariest stays. From Stanley Hotel in Colorado that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining, to the Bourbon Orleans Hotel which is rumored to house the ghosts of a Confederate soldier, convent nuns and a dancer.

More on this story here.

Neon metropolis: Aerial photographs of London by night

International Day of the Girl: 16 great feminist destinations to take your children to

Tuesday saw the Intl Day of the Girl, meaning that the internet was abuzz with destinations to treat your daughters, mothers, sisters, and simply your inner girl. From finding Pippi Longstocking in Stockholm’s Junibacken to Jane Austen’s House in Hampshire to Louisa May Alcott’s childhood home in Concord Massachusetts.

Heading to Japan soon? Check out these Travel Tips for First-Timers

Scotland To Vote On Leaving UK, Remaining In EU
In an attempt to keep Scotland in the European Union, Scotland’s government announced that it will soon introduce a draft bill for a second referendum on independence from the UK. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was met with a standing ovation when she made the announcement during a Scottish National Party (SNP) conference on Thursday. Sturgeon’s remarks were in response to British Prime Minister Theresa May, who has made it clear that she will complete the Brexit process by 2019 and that Scotland has no veto over it. Although nearly 52% of Britons opted to leave the block during the June 23 referendum, some 62% of the Scottish people voted against the decision.



FAA Issues Samsung Note 7 Guidance
The US FAA has advised airline passengers to power down all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, including those recently replaced. The Federal Aviation Administration statement “urges passengers onboard aircraft to power down, and not use, charge, or stow in checked baggage, any Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, including recalled and replacement devices”. Samsung said it has now decided to halt production of the Note 7, after an earlier statement that it had requested outlets to stop selling the smartphone.

North America’s First Ever Flying Car School Opens
PAL-V announced the opening of the first ever Flying Car school in North America, in a day long event designed to introduce prospective customers to flying in a vehicle similar to the PAL-V Liberty Flying Car. Utah is a practical location for the first ever Flying Car School in North America. The region is easy to access geographically, has a good network of general aviation airports and offers mountain flying experience that will benefit the future owners of PAL-V flying cars.

Minister Says British Border Checks Will Be Carried Out In Ireland After Brexit
The Daily Mail reports a Senior Minister has dropped the strongest hint yet that Ireland is set to become the UK’s front line for border checks after leaving the EU. Britain is hoping to rely on beefed-up controls at the Republic’s ports and airports in order to avoid the return of a ‘hard border’ with Northern Ireland. The measures could mean EU nationals coming into Ireland under free movement rules and then travelling to the UK without facing any additional scrutiny. Attempts to use Irish entry points such as Dublin Airport and Rosslare port as the front line of British immigration controls could prove highly controversial in the Republic. The measures will be aimed primarily at non-Europeans, as EU citizens will have automatic rights to enter the Republic.

China To Open First Phase Of World’s Largest Airport By 2019
China will complete the first phase of an expansive new airport in Beijing, which could eventually be the world’s largest, by 2019. Representatives of the Beijing New Airport project showed off the sprawling construction site on Monday, saying the city’s second major airport could serve 45 million passengers a year with four runways on first opening, while two later phases would push the capacity to 100 million passengers annually. That would put the airport, to be the world’s largest in surface area, roughly in line with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest by annual passengers.


European Train Station

Rail Operator ÖBB To Revive Sleeper Carriage Service Across Europe
The Austrian group will compete against airlines with an expansion of overnight passenger routes across Europe. The sleeper carriages may soon start picking up speed again, however. ÖBB, the Austrian state-owned railway operator, on Friday announced a significant expansion and rebranding of its overnight passenger services across Germany, Italy and Switzerland, as well as its home market. ÖBB hopes its new “Nightjet” services will prove a viable alternative to flying, even if rival operators in other European countries have shunted overnight sleepers into the sidings. Luxury rail sleeper services were immortalized in Agatha Christie’s 1934 classic Murder on the Orient Express. To generations of wandering European students, they provided cheap and basic accommodation on wheels.

United Airlines Will Give A Total Of 5 Million Miles To Customers Who Support Hurricane Relief
United Airlines is partnering with leading disaster relief organizations, including the American Red Cross, Americares, Airlink and OperationUSA to help support families and individuals affected by Hurricane Matthew. The airline will provide up to five million bonus miles to MileagePlus customers who donate to these organizations through the online donations platform, CrowdRise™. In addition, United will give up to a total of $100,000 to match donations to these organizations. For more information and to make a donation, visit:

Civitavecchia To Get A New Cruise Terminal
Roma Cruise Terminal has announced that it has signed an agreement with the consortium Itinera/Zambonini for the construction of the cruise passenger terminal in the port of Civitavecchia. Work on the terminal is now scheduled to start in November and the new 10,000-square-meter building is expected to be completed in 2018.

The Terrible, Unforgettable Beauty of the Arctic

Vancouver Sun writer Daphne Bramham writes about her experience cruising the Arctic

Tom’s Wall in Alabama

Tom’s Wall, or the Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall, in Alabama, is a gentle story of a Native American memorial. 

Hurricane Matthew has unearthed Civil War Cannonballs

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