Iceland’s Crystal Caves


The Ice Tunnel at Langajökull

Ice Caves in Iceland are truly a unique experience, as they appear only in winter. The summer heat carves out dramatic holes and caverns in the glacier. By late autumn, they freeze again into caves of dazzling beauty, so resplendent that they’ve been dubbed “crystal caves.” Since ice is an ever-changing element, ice caves often change from year to year, or disappear altogether. Officially, the season runs from November to March. 

Iceland is known for its breathtaking and photogenic crystal caves. Streaks of black silt tattoo the brilliant cerulean blue of the ice. Only a handful of reputable guides will take you on an adventure of ice and glaciers—ask your agent at Willamette Intl Travel who they recommend.


Natural Blue Ice

Most ice caves are born in Vatnajökull National Park in the southeast of Iceland. This massive ice cap is home to hundreds of glaciers and a natural birthplace for ice caves. A bit closer to home is the manmade ice cave in Langjökull, in West Iceland. Here you can wander the ice tunnels and learn all about glaciers. You can even get married in an ice chapel there!

Since the weather is unpredictable and the terrain notoriously unstable, you should always travel with a guide. It also helps to be physically fit and have hiking shoes. Dress warmly, and in layers, and don’t forget your camera!

Don’t miss this unforgettable magical adventure! Call us at 503-224-0180 to book your trip to Iceland and the ice caves. 


A Kaleidoscope of White, Blue, Black

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