Travel News: Flight Attendant Fashion From The 30s To The Present

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Flight Attendant Fashion From The 30s To The Present

A fascinating video exploring 100 years of flight attendant fashion has been released that highlights the iconic looks of each decade, and how US air travel has evolved since its noisy beginnings. This stunning video, from Conde Nast, shows the height of fashion from 1930s glamour to knee high boots in the swinging 60s, stunning video showcases 100 years of flight attendant uniforms. A century of cabin fashion is revealed with a fascinating new video showcasing uniform styles of each decade. Journey from 1930s’ elegance through the hip outfits of the 1960s to the designer looks of today. The styles of cabin crew provide a visual insight to traveller trends and aspirations of each era. Watch the video here:

The World Reaches Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf And Sets New Record

The World recorded this polar record at 10:41hrs ship’s time (New Zealand time) on Saturday. Commanded by Captain Dag H. Saevik this is the furthest south any vessel has ever sailed. The World is currently undertaking a 22-day expedition of the Ross Sea, including 12 days in Antarctica assisted by EYOS Expeditions led by Rob McCallum. Commenting on achieving a new record, Captain Saevik said, ‘When we designed this remarkable expedition to the Ross Sea with our residents, that has taken two years of preparation, we hoped that with the right conditions we might be able to reach the ice shelf and set a new record for the most southerly navigation. The voyage of more than 5,000 nautical miles has taken us to the most isolated area of the world, he added”. Few vessels have made the journey to this remote part of Antarctica.


Spirit Airlines To Further Reduce Size Of Overhead Cabin

According to the Independent, the airline is preparing to cut the space allotted for travelers’ free carry-on bag. Starting April 4, the volume allotted to qualify under the airlines “Bare Fare” policy will decrease by a quarter, from 2,688 to 2,016 cubic inches. Under the carrier’s current bag policy, one item is included in the basic fare but now the size of passengers’ items will need to comply with new standards. Passengers whose cabin bag is identified as oversized at the boarding gate will have to pay a $100 fee to take it with them. Travelers can also pay in advance for larger bags, starting at around $26 each. The move comes as other carriers are looking to pare down offerings for cheaper fares. Earlier this month, Spirit became the latest domestic airline to participate in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s TSA Precheck program. Pre-check is an expedited screening program that allows for trusted travelers to bypass traditional security checkpoints at close to 200 US airports.

Crystal Announces Expedition Team For Second Northwest Passage Cruise
Crystal Cruises will partner with Arctic Kingdom, a Canada-based team of Arctic experts, to offer expeditions and enrichment programming on its second Northwest Passage cruise aboard Crystal Serenity, to take place in August and September 2017. Arctic Kingdom’ expedition team will include local Inuit guides, divers, marine biologists, wildlife experts and photographers. They will give presentations to passengers about the culture, wildlife and geology of the Arctic region, as well as lead expeditions on shore or in Zodiac boats and kayaks. Passengers will even have the option of taking helicopter flights to view the landscape from above, or of staying onboard and watching live video of the excursions on a big screen.


Robots To The Rescue At Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand has taken a bold step into robot technology to help passengers. The airline has launched an online artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bravo Oscar Tango – Oscar for short. Oscar will initially assist passengers with commonly asked queries, saving them time and offering a more personalized experience than searching a traditional Frequently Asked Questions section online says the airline. Air New Zealand says that as with other AI technology, Oscar will learn based on the conversations people have with him, becoming more user-friendly and more helpful the more he interacts. The airline has initially launched Oscar as a help chatbot to assist with Air New Zealand Lounge, Airpoints™ and baggage queries but the airline says it has big plans for him, including integration with the Air New Zealand Mobile app, via both voice and text, and with other chat platforms and in-home digital assistants. Customers with queries about Airpoints, baggage or Air New Zealand lounges are asked to put Oscar to the test. He can be found in the Help & Contact section of the airline’s New Zealand website.

G Adventures Acquires Swan Hellenic Cruise Line

British cruise line Swan Hellenic has been acquired by adventure travel specialist G Adventures, following the collapse of the line’s former parent company, All Leisure Group, last month. At the start of the year, All Leisure Group, which also operated Voyages of Discovery, among a series of other travel brands, went into administration, creating travel misery for many passengers who had booked a holiday on the line’s 352-passenger Minerva cruise ship. G Adventures has revealed it will restart Swan Hellenic cruises in 2018, with new itineraries set to be announced this summer. The company has advised passengers who were booked on 2017 itineraries to contact the administrator for All Leisure, Grant Thornton LLP.

New York City’s Most Iconic Hotel Is Closing Indefinitely
New York City’s Waldorf Astoria is one of the most legendary hotels in the world and it is closing indefinitely. Its suites have hosted every US president since Herbert Hoover, and Hollywood legends Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra have all at different times called the residential towers home. Countless lavish social events were held in its ballrooms, and its kitchens were the birthplace of red velvet cupcakes and the Waldorf salad. Last year the hotel celebrated its 85th anniversary, but it will close indefinitely for renovations on February 28. Since 2014, when the property was bought from Hilton Worldwide by the Chinese insurance company Anbang for $1.95 billion, plans for a major overhaul have been on the horizon. The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission is working to preserve parts of the interior, and Anbang has agreed to comply. Though there are no blueprints to see yet, Anbang is reportedly planning to change most of the rooms into condominiums. The current hotel is at 301 Park Ave. between 49th and 50th streets, and the primarily residential Waldorf Towers are at the top. When it opened in 1931, the new Waldorf Astoria was the tallest and largest hotel in the world. Soon after opening, the Waldorf Astoria introduced 24-hour room service, a first in the history of hotels.


E-Visa in Thailand to Launch in 2018
The Thai government confirmed the start to phase in an electronic visa that could be launched by Thailand by the end of 2018. Following the ministry cabinet meeting the Minister of Tourism and Sports announced that the government had validated the process of entry into Thailand, notably with the implementation of the electronic visa. The Department of Foreign Affairs will work with the immigration office to develop the system. Its full integration is planned for 2018. Because the e-Visa would decrease the revenue coming from fees at Thai consulates worldwide, the new system will need agreement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A proposal for an extension of the free tourist visa fees for more than 30 days was also presented to the ministers by the Thai tourism minister. It is currently being considered by the authorities. The single visa project for the ASEAN region is still under consideration. This would make it possible to visit Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand with a single visa, as is already the case in the Schengen area of Europe.

How London’s Potential Tourist Tax Could Affect Your Stay
The city of London is considering implementing a “tourist tax” that would increase nightly rates at hotels by 5%. A report from the Greater London Assembly said that tourists create an “additional demand on public services such as the public transport network, street cleaning, policing and health services.” The 5% tax could generate an additional $302 million for the city. Money raised from the bed tax could be put towards making some of London’s cultural attractions free for all, or it could also be used to “support a reduction in other taxes,” according to the GLA. The city of London has over 2,100 hotels and 150,000 hotel rooms. There are also 25,000 Airbnbs available for rent. However the tax is not an immediately pressing issue for tourists. The proposition would require new legislation from Parliament, which would likely take a while to pass. Berlin implemented a 5% tax on tourists in 2014. The tax was controversial at the time and was battled by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association. Business travelers to the city are exempt from the tax, however they must prove that they are in the capital doing business.


Venice Now Has Their First Wheelchair-Accessible Gondola
It took Dalla Pietà and his colleague, Enrico Greifenberg, four years to bring the project to fruition. First they signed up two local architects and consulted with the Venice branch of a disability organization. Next, two local companies designed a jetty made entirely out of recycled materials and a platform elevator that loads a wheelchair, cantilevers it out over the water and lowers it into the gondola. Using a platform elevator and a system of cantilevers, Gondolas4all allows wheelchairs to be lowered seamlessly into their gondolas. Gondolas4all gave its first ride last April. There are 21 gondoliers in Venice all ready to welcome people with disabilities.

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