Ants and Pagodas: Photos of Myanmar

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Our friends Jacques and Evelyne just returned from an amazing trip to Myanmar. Over the years, we’ve sent a few people and groups to Myanmar and they’ve all had a tremendous time. Jacques has promised us a report in a bit, so the meantime, check out their lovely photos, below with Jacques’ commentary!

Part of nice things to eat in Myanmar: Ants! I tasted theses ants, they are roasted with a few peanuts and hot peppers. I liked it, so I bought a jar of ants and I eat a spoon full or two for proteins! It does not go so well with Champagne.


They also love to eat some sort of “cockroach” but maybe a bit much for me, I am not in need of so much proteins.


The lake water was rather cold at 7 in the morning. It did not stop the women from washing their laundry as well as their hair!

Fishermen on Inle Lake


Below: Gas station for scooters and scooter tire repair shop.

Here are two photos of a great-looking young couple in Myanmar. They’ll marry in the fall but they’re doing the wedding photos now just in case the weather is not so good then!

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Inle Lake. Half the lake is covered with floating vegetable gardens tended by gardeners who live in houses on the lake.

This is how close I could get with my zoom and still get a decent photo. Just holding my camera, no tripod.


The next day the sunset was off to the side of the pagoda as you can see. So it would have to be at least another month before having a chance to catch the sunset at the same place. Not so sure! Anybody good at astronomy to tell me?


Our hotel was beautiful, the sunset was perfect and it’s a rare site as the earth is never at the right spot for the following shots. I am sitting at the bar waiting for the sunset. Look at the hill on the other side of the large river. Far away!

We went up on this pagoda to watch the sunset and the next morning the sunrise.
View from near the top of the pagoda. Over three thousand pagodas all around.
There were some 25 to 30 hot air balloons for the sunrise. Fabulous sight. I did catch the solo balloon at the right time, right place.
The great golden pagoda of Shwedagon.
Many different tribes were visiting there.
Young future nuns, we gave them bags of school items. Most of these nuns are orphans. They are always in pink.


Would you like to visit Myanmar? Call us at 503-224-0180 or email to discuss your trip to this beautiful country. 

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