Amalfi Coast with Nancy

Longtime readers may know that WIT Agent Nancy embarked on an awesome cruise through the Western Mediterranean earlier this year. From Barcelona to Rome, her Windstar cruise was full of beautiful European seascapes and coastal villages. She’s given us some fantastic photos of her time on the Amalfi Coast.

(Our next newsletter is coming out soon — read her full report in it! We’ll provide links once it’s live so you can have a read yourself. Stay tuned.)


We stayed at the Hotel del Mare in the Grande Marina—here’s the view from our hotel room.  The men handling the nets was by an outdoor café in the Grande Marina, at the south end of Sorrento. 

Grande Marina is at the base of the cliff, where sits the Grand Capodimonte Hotel.

I’d call the Grande Marina a working marina.  The fishing “fleet” is here and it is more blue collar than the “yacht” marina in Sorrento

Hotel del Mare views (2)Sorrento net mending class


Ravello, the last stop of the day on our small group Amalfi Coast tour. Our tour guide explained that Ravello is the most prestigious and expensive of the towns on the Amalfi coast. Seems that tourist buses must leave by 5pm or so, to take the residents back their city.

 I walked from the main plaza along the Via Santa Chiara to the Villa Cimbrone.  This shop is on the Via, conveniently close to the plaza.

Ravello looking southRavello north

Ravello shopping (2)


Ships we saw as we sailed on Windstar Pride.  The Silver Muse was in several ports the same time we were. 

Rome Silver Muse and Riviera

Silver Muse Portofino

Amalfi Coast Drive

Amalfi dr coastAmalfi Dramalfi fishing village 2.1

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