Bali’s Culinary Delights

bali delights

Before I went to Indonesia, I had little idea of what local food looks like. After three weeks in Java and Bali, I can tell you it involves a lot of fish, rice, puffed chips and–at least in Bali–pork. In Ubud, the emphasis is on healthy açai bowls, whereas near the beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, they seem to take innovative to a whole new level. Blending Australian, Indonesian, sometimes Japanese, sometimes Chinese culinary traditions, the chefs are working round the clock to wow and inspire with their creations.

By far the star of it all was nasi gorengeven Indonesian’s favorite dish – which is simply fried rice, mixed with veggies and meat, scrambled up for your yummy pleasure.

Desserts never seem to be too far from reach, with milkshakes and Japanese-styled crepes frequent items on the menu. More traditional establishments would serve up sweet black rice pudding or coconut sticky rice.


Coconut Sticky Rice


Breaded Chicken


Spicy Soups


Lumpia – aka spring rolls – yum!



Chinese Steamed Dumpings + 100 Year Old Eggs

Century Eggs aren’t exactly 100 years old – but they might as well be! These curious Chinese eggs are a preserved delicacy. Duck or qual eggs are mixed with clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls and preserved by weeks to months. The eggs have a strong, salty flavor – pungent even for the most adventurous of foreigners!





Grilled Shrimp

Seaside chefs also grill lobster, shrimp and fish to perfection. Japanese food is extremely popular, with a sushi bar or teppanyaki joint just around the corner.

There is the Aussie inspired “brekky“–a full plate of fresh eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns and beans.


Seafood Feast


Rice Bowl




Basil and Chili-Infused Cocktail


Breakfast Toast


Fruit Bowl


Even the gods need to eat!


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