Summer Frontiers in the Czech Republic

summer frontiers in teh czech

Had enough of the snow and rain and looking forward to a summer escape?

Why not try the Czech Republic for a change?

The Czech Republic is known for its Gothic and Baroque castles and cathedrals, hearty brewing traditions, glassmakers, and fantastical legends that are more ghoul than Faerie.

The stunning old squares and architecture of Prague, in particular, have enchanted many a visitor with its attractive, winding streets, unique puppet shops and cafés of the “hole-in-the-wall” genre.

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Follow Kafka’s footsteps in the Old Town or go spelunking in Cesky Krumlov’s centuries-old silver mine.

It’s incredibly easy to get around Czech Republic, just hop on a train or rent a car. The public transport system in Czech—actually, nearly everything—is more affordable than most Western European countries.

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Light Adventure Tours in Czech

Following the Travel Trend of Adventure Tourism, Czech is one of the best spots for spring and summer outdoor adventures!

  • Hit the countryside and you can also enjoy cycling, walking trails, hiking, and rivers for all types of boating.
  • Climb out to the Adršpach-Teplice Rock Formations for some awe-striking panoramas.
  • Take an easy afternoon with wine and cycling through Moravian villages.
  • Cycle Trails through Bohemian and Moravian hills, forests, rivers, abandoned train tracks.
  • Camp in the national parks, rent a Czech cottage known as chalupy and chatky (kids welcome!)
  • Boating around the country’s rivers, for a one-day or multi-day excursion on kayaks, rowboats and rafts.
  • Boat trip along the Dyje River, to admire the remarkable castle ruins of Januv hrad, Lednice Chateau and the Minaret.

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