Travel News: Record Snowfall Closed the Eiffel Tower

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Record Snowfall Closed the Eiffel Tower
Cntraveler reports tourists hoping to go up the Eiffel Tower to catch stunning views of Paris or dine at the 58 Tour Eiffel or Jules Verne restaurants were in for a huge disappointment this past weekend: The landmark was closed to visitors all day Friday and Saturday. The usually mild City of Lights, along with many other parts of France, had experienced unprecedented snowfall and freezing rain last week, leading French authorities to shut down its most visited landmark and suggest that Parisians stay home from work on Friday to avoid the “dangerous conditions,” On Friday, one unfortunate group of workers had to use hand shovels to slowly but surely remove piled-up snow and slush from the 19th-century tower’s ironwork and de-ice the stairs and platforms. The company that manages the Eiffel Tower said the work had to be done this way, as if it were still 1889, since salt could corrode the century-old metal and damage the elevators. The monument reopened briefly on Thursday after being shut down on Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday.
World’s First 24-Hour In-Room Hotel Assistant Debuts 
Travel Weekly reports on Angie. Have you ever stayed in a hotel and found yourself not knowing how to flush the toilet? I always had the problem of how to set the shower. Well, fret no more, Angie is here to save the day. The world’s first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant purpose-built for the hotel environment is coming to Sydney. Angie Hospitality, the creator of Angie, a voice-activated device developed with hotel guests and staff in mind, will be appearing at the NoVacancy Accommodation Business Expo in July, bringing its extensive and innovative services to the Australian market. Providing 24-hour services to hotel guests and staff, the interactive device is able to respond to requests directly via simple voice commands or through its high-resolution interactive touchscreen. The purpose-built device was specifically designed to solve multiple challenges that the hotel industry faces, offering proprietors a wealth of operational proficiencies, and providing customers with a radical solution to in-room services. Angie offers a multitude of services to guests, including ordering room service, making reservations, room control, and connecting to personal, secure and customization of Wi-Fi. Through the use of integrated Bluetooth speakers, Angie can also connect to multiple guest devices to play music or serve as a speakerphone.
Bermuda Gets A Backlash Over Repeal Of Same-Sex Marriage Law
Bermuda’s decision to repeal its same-sex marriage law has led to a backlash on social media with calls to boycott the destination. Bermuda Tourism has promised to share the negative comments with the government, but urged tourists not to stop visiting. “We are collecting your sentiments and sharing them with the Government of Bermuda,” it said in a post on its Facebook page. “All of us at Bermuda Tourism, our industry partners, and many members of the community are committed to inclusiveness and will continue to treat all visitors to Bermuda with respect.” The comments were made in response to a post by Bermuda Tourism on its website and social media outlets, in which it explained the new Domestic Partnership Act 2017 and asked for people to give their responses.
Eurostar’s High-Speed Train from London to Amsterdam Will Launch in April
Travelers will be able to reach the Netherlands in less than four hours. Starting April 4, you can get to the Netherlands from London’s St Pancras station for as low as $43. That means, as with most trains, you’ll have to book your one-way ticket way in advance for the lowest prices. The first round of cheap tickets go on sale February 20 and is priced competitively with the cheapest flights, but with a lot more leg room and baggage space, and a lot less hidden fees and carbon emissions (about 80%) than you’ll find at 30,000 feet. Unfortunately you won’t be able to book the high-speed train straight back to London. While the Netherlands and UK work out an agreement on passport control, passengers will have to connect back through Brussels for security screenings until 2019, when the governments have agreed to provide Eurostar with a solution. That second leg, from Brussels-London, is speedy though, with Eurostar cutting the time down to one hour and 48 minutes, a new record for the railway service.

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