Sail Away in Stockholm

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Today WIT social media guru Wailana, based in Stockholm, embarked on a reconstructed historical ship. The ship, a 14th-century German cog, was newly smelling of fresh tar and gleamed in the sunlight.

The gigantic ship, thought to be the notorious pirate ship “Red Devil,” sailed from Stockholm’s dry dock, onto the open freshwaters of Lake Mälaren, to its home just outside of Västerås.

Stockholm is a treasure-trove of elegant ships and waterway courses. For more maritime adventures, check out:

Vasa Ship Museum, housing the recovered shipwreck of an actual Swedish warship. A magnificent beauty to behold, everything from the hull to the masts, are amazingly preserved.

Kayaking or canoeing is a popular pastime come summer and visitors can jump right in Stockholm center or test their rowing prowess out in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Boat tours are one of the most common and popular introductions to the “Venice of the North.” Ask your travel agent to arrange a guided boat tour of downtown, or a ferry to Drottningholm, the king’s summer home, to the Viking open-air museum in Birka, or the cute island town of Vaxholm.

Skip the boat but want the tour? Try a Context Tour of Södermalm

For more trips to Sweden or Scandinavia, ask our travel agents: 503-224-0180 or email 

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