Photos from A Safari in Tanzania

safari tanzania zebra.jpg


Many of our longtime readers and subscribers of the print newsletter may know that Christine and John are in Africa right now, on their annual trip escorting clients on safari!

These photos are from our client Brian Allen, President of Windermere Realty Trust, who took a marvelous trip from Tanzania earlier this year.

WITTRAVEL organized Brian’s trip in coordination with Origins Safaris operators on the ground.

If you want to see some FANTASTIC photos of wildebeest, birds, hippos, lions – (oh my!) – check out the full album here

The photos were taken on Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 100-400 mm zoom lens for safari shots, and a smaller Sony mirrorless camera with a wide lens for landscape shots.

COMING UP: More Willamette Intl Travel ESCORTED TOURS in 2019!

Call Wittravel for Details on:

  • Tanzania – February 2019.
  • Kenya – September 2019.
  • Namibia – August 2019.

CALL 503-224-0180 or email

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AND Africa Geographic 2018’s Winners for Photographer of the Year!

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