Photos from Africa: Continued

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WIT Founders Christina and John are on their annual trip to Africa this month — this time in Cape Town and Namibia — escorting clients on safari. Every day, we open our email to a brand-new photo from them! Check out these cool pics from their trip!

All captions by Christina


Our client Hilary singing Ibo with accompaniment on drums!


Himba ladies. We made a 4-hour trip to meet a Himba group. We took plenty of gifts of food, really fascinating – they are not dressed up for tourists, this is everyday wear.


Their hair is matted into braids with mixture of Ochra and cows belly fat and at the ends they braid cows hair which is fluffed out. 
They then cover their entire body with the mixture no age wrinkles with this group


This is where we are staying. Amazing scenery. Our unit is the one on the left of the walkway. Quitea. hike down and up, not sure how the knee will hold up, but only doing the hike twice daily.


Had a beautiful morning out on the Wallis Bay Lagoon where seals come and go at will on the catamaran along with amazing pelicans


Pelicans – so different to our brown pelicans.


They visited Laura of Laura’s Township Tours in Cape Town, one of our favorite tour guides. Laura organized a birthday party for a young 4-year-old.

The girl is being raised by her great-grandmother, and she has been at the school for two years. She’s the only kid whose family cannot afford to provide a cake for her birthday, plus no one knows her real birthdate.

Laura also bought Lorna a doll as a birthday gift. Lorna wouldn’t take the doll out of the box as she didn’t want to get it dirty! So at nap time, she took the whole box with her to her mattress.

Christina and the crew also took socks for all the kids, and lunch was homemade sausage rolls, juice and cake.



Birthday Party!


No cake until after nap time


Dance time Laura in charge


Eyeing the cakes



COMING UP: More Willamette Intl Travel ESCORTED TOURS in 2019!

Call us for Details on:

  • Tanzania – February 2019.
  • Kenya – September 2019.
  • Namibia – August 2019.

CALL 503-224-0180 or email

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