Fly, Sail & Save with Star clippers

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The Cruise 1,400 price comes to just 200 per day per person! 

Sail back in time with an old-fashioned tall ship and discover sailing the high seas like a sailor from a bygone era.

This is the cruise for you if: You’re looking for a new way to travel. You’re looking for new experiences. Small ports, the journey is as awesome as the destination.

Call Willamette Intl Travel to talk more about unusual, sustainable cruise lines – 503-224-0180 or email

For WIT Agent Nancy’s firsthand account of sailing with Star Clippers, click here.

More about Star Clippers: Adriatic Cruises, Family Trips, Sail the Caribbean. 

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7 Nights | Northern Phuket | Nov 2018 & Apr 2019

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7 Nights | Southern Phuket | Nov 2018 & Apr 2019

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7 Nights | Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand | Nov 2018 & March 2019

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7 Nights | Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore | March 2018 & April 2019

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