Sailing the Andaman Islands in 2020

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Are you one of those lucky travelers who have “been everywhere, seen everything?” Are you tired of autumn leaves in Paris and cherry blossoms in Tokyo? Are you looking for something new and exciting?

Why not venture to the Andaman Islands?

If you’re saying to yourself, “The what now?” – you’ve come to the right place.

The Andaman Sea, lying beyond the sands of Phuket, is a long stretch of ocean. Spanning 500 miles from SE Asia to the Nicobar chain, the ocean is home to a rich variety of marine life and biodiversity. For the first time ever, tour operator Pandaw is offering TWO 10-night expeditions across the sea. The ships will explore both Mergui and Andaman archipelagos.


Longtime Travel Enthusiasts: Bring back the spirit of wonder and adventure to your travel. 

There will also be a small number of 7-night expeditions exploring the Andaman archipelago from/to mainland India.

Your ship will be the Andaman Explorer, an ex-Norwegian coast guard vessel built in 1963 and refitted to luxury.

Call us now to reserve your spot in 2020 – because Space is quite limited!

Call WIT travel agents at 503-224-0180 or email

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