Travel News: Passengers welcome a more Digital World

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Vintage Plane To Become Cocktail Lounge At JFK Airport 

News Now reports a restored plane from the 1950s is hitting the road, instead of the skies. It’s traveling from Maine to JFK Airport in New York, where it will be re-purposed as a cocktail lounge. The “Lockheed Constellation” airplane is one of four that exist in the world. It will stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK, sitting just feet from the airport terminals. The plane will be able to seat over 100 people and will be themed to the 1960s. Those involved with driving this massive plane down I-95 south say it will not be an easy feat. “Our convoy is over a mile long,” TWA Hotel CEO Tyler Morse said. “We had the state police, oversized load, and then our lodge here is 150 feet long. This is quite a movement all the way down the northeast corridor.” The Constellation airplane, which doesn’t fly anymore, leaves from the Auburn-Lewsiton airport. It will take several days because it’ll be traveling at about 15 miles per hour. The hotel is set to open in 2019.


Passengers Want A More Safe, Digital Experience During Travel 

Travelwirenews reports passengers are looking to new technology to give them more control, information and improve efficiency when they travel, a new survey revealed. Based on 10,408 responses from 145 countries, the 2018 Global Passenger Survey by International Air Transport Association (Iata) provides insight into what passengers would like from their air travel experience. Receiving information on flight status (82%), baggage (49%) and waiting time at security/immigration (46%) were identified as passengers’ top three priorities after booking a flight. 

  • Real-time journey information delivered to their personal devices,
  • Biometric identification to facilitate their travel processes,
  • Automation of more airport processes,
  • Wait times of less than 10 minutes at security/immigration,
  • Bags tracked throughout their journey,
  • A human touch when things go wrong.
  • Passengers want to be kept informed throughout their journey preferably via their personal device.

What are your priorities when you travel? Tell us in the comments!

Toxic Algae Is Killing Florida’s Sea Life

CNN reports toxic algae is killing Florida’s sea life. The red tide bloom that’s been in the waters off Florida’s Gulf Coast for months is now choking the state’s Atlantic waters from Miami Beach to Palm Beach. Some of Florida’s pristine, white sand beaches have been shuttered because of red tides, which are caused by algae found almost exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico. The natural phenomenon is deadly to marine life and can irritate people’s skin and lead to respiratory problems, especially for people with asthma. “It’s like being hit with a tear gas,” said Larry Brand, a University of Miami professor of marine biology and ecology. Should the red tide bloom settle in, mass fish kills will happen, killing the Claus family’s charter reservations, along with the game fish they’re after. Also in jeopardy are the upcoming fishing and shellfish seasons, including stone crab, ballyhoo and sailfish. And, of course, swimming remains in flux at some of Florida’s most iconic and popular beaches. In Miami-Dade County, public beaches that had been closed because of red tide were open this past weekend. They had been closed “in an abundance of caution.” 


The World’s Longest Flight Will Have No Economy Seats

Bloomberg reports long-haul flights half way across the globe are making a comeback even with oil prices close to their highest in four years. About six months after Qantas started a direct service from Perth to London, Singapore Airlines is bringing back its 10,400-mile jump to New York on October 11, pipping Qatar Airways’ Doha-Auckland route to reclaim the title of the world’s longest commercial flight. Advances in technology and the advent of aircraft that guzzle less and carry more fuel are helping make the Singapore route viable again, five years after $US100-a-barrel oil contributed to the demise of the flight, which will take as long as 18 hours and 45 minutes. Here’s what to expect on the flight from Changi Airport to Newark Liberty International:

  • The Airbus jet that will ply the route carries a maximum of 161 passengers, compared with 253 on the airline’s existing A350-900s
  • 67 flat-bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration for business class
  • 94 premium economy places in a mostly 2-4-2 arrangement at the rear.
  • While the premium-economy seats offer an eight-inch recline, the pitch, the distance between yours and the one in front, is a standard 38 inches, 4 inches less than on some of Japan Airlines’ long-haul flights.
  • The four Singapore Airlines pilots (two captains and two first officers) on each ultralong-range A350-900 aren’t allowed to fly to New York unless they haven’t flown for 48 hours prior to take-off.

Dubrovnik Puts Cap on Daily Cruise Ship Arrivals reports The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia has announced new measures intended to manage its success as a cruise destination. The ancient city’s ever-growing numbers of visitors have brought prosperity, but also congestion and displacement. In response, mayor Mato Frankovic announced this week that the city’s administration will cap the number of cruise ships that can dock at its piers. Beginning early next year, only two ships and 5,000 total visitors will be allowed into Dubrovnik per day. “Sometimes there will be only one [ship], sometimes two will arrive simultaneously, sometimes one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but we will have a maximum of two a day,” Frankovic told Dubrovnik Times. In addition, Dubrovnik has worked with the Cruise Lines International Association to optimize scheduling and make foot traffic move more efficiently through its historic central district.


Istanbul’s Massive New Airport Is Opening This Month
Once completed, it is also expected to become the world’s busiest airport with up to 200 million passengers passing through per year. On October 29, Turkey’s Republic Day, the first phase of Istanbul’s new airport will open 22 miles north of the city center. While the project will be completed in four phases, the first phase will open with three runways and a terminal that can accommodate up to 90 million passengers annually, according to iGA, the company that is responsible for operating the airport for the next 25 years. Once completed, the 29.5 square-mile Istanbul New Airport will be larger than the island of Manhattan. With six runways, it will be able to accommodate up to 200 million travelers per year, making it the busiest airport in the world. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport currently holds that title with 104 million passengers passing through its terminals in 2017.

The Island Of Santorini Has Officially Banned Tourists Who Weigh Over 220 Pounds From Riding Local Donkeys.
One island in Greece is putting a limit on how much weight their donkeys can carry. Tourists wishing to take a ride on Santorini’s famed donkeys must now weigh less than 220 pounds, or one-fifth of the donkey’s body weight, according to CNN and HuffPost. Tourists often take donkey rides along the steep and narrow terrain of the popular island of Santorini, which has prompted activists to raise concern over the animals’ well-being. The animals “should not be loaded with a weight excessive in size, age or physical condition,” the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food said in a new set of regulations. The new regulations also ban injured animals from working and calls for adequate food and fresh drinking water.

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