5 of our Favorite Travel Channels on Instagram

Craving some gorgeous travel shots? Or just need a boost of vacation inspiration to get through the work week?

Take a peek at our favorite inspirational Instagram profiles. It’s always hard to choose, right? Here are just 5 of the faves. 

1. Willamette Intl Travel

Okay, we’re a little biased here, but we’re also proud to show off our beautiful photos at Willamette Intl Travel. Some photos are from our clients, some our from trips taken by our agents, and some still are curated from photographers all over the world. To get the latest of travel inspiration, stop by our channel on Mondays and Fridays.

2. Galapagos Islands

When do you NOT need a dose of fauna cuteness? Our friends over at @GalapagosIsland really go all out bringing us the most adorable photos from off the shore of Ecuador.

3. Egypt

Short and sweet, @EGYPT has all the best colors and carvings of this ancient civilization. Follow this channel to get your fix of historic architecture awash in sepia tones.

4. Portugal

Coastal villages, cliffside citadels, aquamarine waters. Portugal is a dream and so is its Instagram channel @VisitPortugal.

5. Jordan

Defined by its seaside villages and sandy ruins, there are few countries that are as abuzz right now as Jordan (@VisitJordan).

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